Dedicated Remote Desktop (RDP)

Unlike other so many Linux based operating systems which are westly used throughout the world, Windows OS has even more potential to work in different ways but ahead of all, advanced core utility offered is an interface access, same like you are surfing your local personal computer. Due to vastness and continuous fastest growth in information technology sector, individuals, companies and corporate sector around the globe have to execute numerous tasks which can only be processed while having a local internet availability of platform like Windows Desktop. To deal with this need, we are offering rdp access with fully dedicated equipment from about all the internet points on the earth. There are number of common uses for this infrastructure so you can buy a devoted connection with your desired specification and configuration.

  • No physically existence in a particular area.
  • Want to browse through remote country specific internet.
  • Have a grip on resources without being shared.
  • Install php, .net, IIS, and Linux scripts and programs.
  • Make a forex trading platform to target pin pointed audiance.
  • Host websites, applications or use it for shared hosting business.

Why "RDPACE" stands distinctive?

We are in web hosting, domain registration, dedicated and Virtual private server provider with a trusted markup, serving humanity from last 15 years. We have faced many challenges, sorted core issues, developed unique ways to ease the access and use of whole hosted infrastructure in different ways. There are few fundamental spots which can enlighten our capabilities before buying any remote desktop plan from us.

Branded Hardware

No doubts, machines are machines, even human have no specified guarantee and control but performance, accuracy and stability depend upon the expertise and proven background of any product. Having immense experience of years, we depend on internationally recognized equipment, routers, cables and servers to present top notch unwavering remote connections.

Adaptable Price

In this particular kind of services, there are very few who are competing us as we are pioneer in this niche yet due to our basic motive, you can enjoy least payable costs for quantitative resources packed in a readymade plan. It is even harder to locate destinations which are being offered by us for virtualization but we are presenting such to deliver distant approach.

Enormous Security

In today's technology, you are more vulnerable than ever because you are connected with line, each and every action can be recorded, same is the case when you are connecting through rdp so to lower down or to vanish such impact, we have taken all measures to ensure intrusion less experience by introducing internal firewall, basic DDoS mitigation and firm routing of traffic.

Kernel-based Virtual Machine

Numbers are increasing of technologies, the ways a dedicated server can be virtualized. Some of most common techniques are LXC, VMware, OpenVZ, Citrix XenServer Hypervisor but we rely upon the safe, sound and secure one as KVM which ensure the dedicated usability of resources and firm isolation of execution in terms of OS, RAM, Storage, Cores and allocated bandwidth.

Undistorted openness of online assets with best internet services providers assure the guaranteed high availability of your belongings you place on your machines for yourself or for your audience for maximizing your business impact.

Dedicated Access

No more sharing and restriction of not installing any custom software, feel free to login with a dedicated IP and perform whatever task you want as administrator.


Your traffic is grown or you are going to be out of space under your current machine, you need a smoot upgradation of resources. Place an upgradation order or purchase an enhanced plan.

Variety of OS versions

To ensure the maximal remote solutions so that every kind of requirement can be dealt, we have plenty of windows and Linux distributions and Version so to select as per your ease.

People are noticing us

Good gesture, curtsy, reliability, cost effectiveness and devoted support along with the variety of services are the keys to put highest level of impression on your customers and in the reward what we gain is the love, referrals and business growth. See what our customers say about us to make your mind before buying a service.

It was really hard to find an Egyptian remote desktop, you really save my day and i will like to order more in near future, hope to have a great business experience.

Mohammad Salah
Forex Trader

Good place to start and even i recommend to keep ones connections with you because you have a full variety of locations as well as lowest rates.

M Frank
VPN Services

Thanks for offering us convenience, appreciated your seamless ordering and provisioning system. I thought it will be a shared user connection but amazed to find it a dedicated one.

Liam Lee
Online Analyzers

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