Dedicated RDP UAE

Being a one of developed nation in Middle Eastern region, United Arab Emirates has offered a variety of opportunities to its locals as well as to brands throughout the world by eliminating communication and accessibility gaps in between Europe and Asia. As we know there are already a large number of multinational companies are in business with in the territory and more are coming so basic to high end IT infrastructure is a must need. Whether you have physical existence in the country, traveling or want to manage your UAE based business from abroad, top notch solution is to have number of remote desktop servers located from UAE's Datacenter. Windows RDP from Dubai, UAE will allow you to remotely look after your online assets as well as will give you a low latency cheapest solution for controlling your live deeds.


Buy Cheap RDP in UAE

When we will compare internet and IT infrastructure available in Middle East with European or American localities in terms of price, it will wonder us the huge costs needs to be paid to acquire such services in United Arab Emirates. As it is necessary to be live from here so with our years of experience we have settled many aspects which allows us to make things in everyone’s reach, especially our prices for UAE RDP are incomparable with guarantee of 100% geolocated IPv4.

CPU Cores RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth Price
02 4 GB 50 GB 1000 GB - Unlimited $28.99 / Month Buy Now
04 8 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited $53.99 / Month Buy Now
08 16 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited $103.99 / Month Buy Now
16 32 GB 50 GB 2000 GB - Unlimited $199.99 / Month Buy Now

Quick provisioning with default per gb bandwidth model enabled, you can configure more traffic and per mbps model too.

Dedicated Administrative Access

No restriction, enjoy full control on resources and installation of your desired software.

Versatile in Nature

Instead of performing rdp usage tasks, you can convert it into a web, proxy, game, mail, database or backup server due to its availability with dedicated access instead of shared user. In the same for reselling Windows based shared hosting, it also come fit.

Control Rights

As whole OS, Networking mechanism remains under your finger tips so if it is not you a single person who is responsible to use the rdp protocol but also others too then you can limit the permission to open a program or to make changes to a specific file or folder.

Secure Transmission

As Windows RDP is a secure network communications protocol so by introducing more layers of software and firewall level precautions you can make your occupation on internet safe with undistorted file transfers from one computer to yours.

Best Dubai location Windows Remote Desktop Provider

Those who are latency conscious as well as need a quicker loading of their commanded elements and also have a middle eastern extent must enjoy the benefits of a remote connection availability from any state in UAE. We present low cost yet totally dependable rdp solutions, come with powerful hardware, KVM virtualization, SSD data space, safe networking, 99.9% uptime, friendly support and instant delivery of services. There are various reasons why you must buy Dubai RDP under our facility portal and distinctive approach which other providers lack.

  • Tier III certified Datacenter, equipped with all modern platforms with ability to cater every aspect of networking and hosting stability.
  • Least cost available in the market for this particular destination for remote connection to other regions.
  • Less loaded I/O machines due to stable and fast internet connections.
  • Free unlimited requests for re-installation of OS as well as on support ticket hard reboots in times of getting stuck or white screen

What is UAE RDP?

A secure protocol allowed through Microsoft Windows to a UAE data centre hosted machine, remotely connected through anywhere and using any device which has rdp client installed in it.

Who should buy Dubai RDP?

Anyone who is in need of UAE internet remote access for whatever private purpose like for accessing a workplace computer, fixing problems, performing administrative tasks, browsing / analysing local search results and much more. .

How do i order a UAE Windows RDP?

First of all you need to choose your required specification terms of RAM, CPU Cores, Bandwidth and Storage, later configure your most liked operating system version, also if you need additional data disk or other traffic model then you will be given various familiar payment gateways to proceed.

Can i use rdp with Linux?

Actually, we offer virtual private servers with Windows operating systems installed but if you are looking for a Linux distro with root, accessed via command line, you can order with any distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS etc.