TOS, Refund and Delivery Policy:

RDP ACE is the famous provider for RDP services from different destinations. To offer best end user experience following terms of use are designed and imposed while buying any service under our portal.

Terms and Conditions:

We initially have no specific restrictions on the usage of services provisioned by us but due to many abusive uses, it is necessary to enforce special rules which are un-ethical, illegal or beyond good gesture. So, to keep things in control, making the internet a safe place, remain bound by laws and to ensure the security of internet users, we will take actions against any mentioned and abusive utilization of services purchased and provisioned through us.

  • Bandwidth utilization limits will refresh on 1st date of every month. You can order extra bandwidth if you will consume the allocated in initial plan.
  • We do not charge any management fee by default and RDPs will be provisioned with self manage design so if any case other than hard reboots and OS re-installation, like for having a specific program installed or to make security harden, you can consult our team for management charges.
  • You can ask us for support through means of Email, Support Ticket and Live Chat. We try our best to reply you with in 24 hours.
  • We do not offer backup facility as default but you can always order backup add-on to avoid any miserable situation.
  • While registering with us, we compel you to provide correct and latest contact details.
  • As we offered whole infrastructure through different worldly datacenters so any TOS imposed by them will automatically be enforced on our end clients.
  • RDP ACE reserved the right to make any necessary changes to this page without any prior notification.
  • We recommend you to change the password of your rdp once you will get the credentials from us, we do not get into any server without any prior permission by client.
  • An RDP will be auto deleted, terminated or cancelled upon reaching its expiry date so better subscribe or pay in time to avoid. There are situation you can ask us to re-activate a server with an additional fee of USD.35 (The activation is not guaranteed so you should ask support if it is possible).
  • If you do not want to continue, you can submit cancellation request (Option is available in your client area, next to product / service). In case you have changed your mind before expiry, you can always contact us to reverse the cancellation but upon reaching expiry date, it might be not possible.
  • We will suspend / cancel and terminate any account / rdp if found doing any of the abusive and illegal activities mentioned below or even those activities which are prohibited under different territorial or international laws and not mentioned below.
  • If you do not want to continue, you can submit cancellation request (Option is available in your client area, next to product / service).

Strictly Prohibited

  • Email spam, outgoing and incoming
  • Botnets, Viruses, Exploits
  • Any kind of Pornography
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Carding and Scamming
  • Constant CPU load over 80%
  • Malicious actions and activities that can lead to IP blacklisting
  • Online pharmacies with illegal pharmaceuticals
  • Powerful DDoS attacks, excessive loads on the channel and disk subsystem, etc.
  • Contents for promoting any religion and sect
  • Port and vulnerability Scanning
  • Use of unlicensed Microsoft software
  • Adding and using IP addresses that do not belong to you

Delivery of Services

You can find the answer about the delivery of RDP Credentials from the respective page in Q&A section. Here it is necessary as a universal term that we try to provision an order as soon as possible after ordering and payment. All login details will be sent via Ticket system and on registered email ids. We deliver services as soon as possible, usually commit 1-24 hours delivery but in certain situation when we are out of stock, it could take days to deliver your ordered services (It normally not happen but quite on and off). There are also other circumstances when delivery can take longer than usual.

  • When payment will take time to be confirmed and verified.
  • If user contact information is confusing.
  • Requirement of ordered configuration confirmation

Refund Policy

We do not have any refund policy which means that you will not get any refund once you will order, pay and services will be delivered to you. An amount, excessive than the order invoice can be added into you in account funds but cannot be sent back to original means of payment and these funds can be used towards buying new services or to pay renewal invoices.